by Angel Masanche, Blantyre, Malawi

Kings institute in conjunction with Youth with a mission Malawi graduated 13 students in the School of Biblical Christian World-view in Blantyre Malawi. The school ran from January to April 2023 at Extending Hope premises. This is the second group to be graduated. The school teaches students how to apply different Biblical principles to life disciplines with the aim of being the salt and the light to the world. For a long time, especially in Africa Christianity, the aim of the Christian has been to go to heaven only, but this is not enough because Christians can be involved in bringing change by using Biblical principles for daily living and practice. Through Biblical world-view, school students learn how to see things through the lens of the Bible.


Chris Scutt and Michelle Wehmann were the guest of honours and they encouraged the students to do their part in bringing transformation in their communities and ensured them that they have what it takes. Scutt is a missionary from the UK with Youth with a mission and Wehmann is a trained nutritionist from Switzerland working with Extending Hope Organisation, the hosts of the event.

One of the highlights of the school is personal project. The students are asked to develop a viable project which can serve humanity and also allow them to make a profit. Moses Chabvi received the best performing student award and in his speech he attributed his success to his principled life accompanied by the grace of God. He was so appreciative for being a part of the school and called up his friends to put into practice all that they learnt. The desire of Moses is to do a street kids project. He said that through the school his passion for the lost has been reignited and thus been inspired to give hope to the lost youth.

Some of the disciples that the students learnt to include business principles, science in mission, Finance principles, project proposal writing, community development and many more.

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