Pastors for a new Generation


University of the Nations and King's Institute for Transformation offers the training Pastors for a new Generation.

150 registered pastors started with the first module in June 2022. The goal of the training is, to empower the pastors to empower their church members, guide them to a holistic Christian thinking and enable them to bring positive change to all spheres of life. At the beginning of all change is the change of our mindset.

Students who successfully complete modules 1 to 3 will be awarded a certificate from UofN and KIT in Applied Theology. Further courses up to the bachelor's degree within the framework of University of the Nations are possible.

Module 1The overview of the Bible 24.08 - 07.12.2022 
Module 2Introduction of Applied Christian Thinking19.04 - 12.07.2023 
Module 3Introduction Leadership30.08 - 13.12.2023 




Asante Masanche
+265 992 14 72 35


9.00 am to 5.00 pm




Module I The overview of the bible

(16 Units one day + small group)
1. The great commission Mat 28.18-20
2. The overview of the Bible
3. The creation and the fall. Genesis 1-3
4. The gospels of Jesus Christ Mat, Mk, Luk
5. The book of Revelation
6. The Gospel of John
7. The doctrine of the bible (Romans)
8. The law of the bible in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy)
9. The law of the bible in the New Testament
10. How to receive revelation from God? How do we think, hear, and conclude?
11. The story of the Jews community
12. The Christian Creeds and its history
13. The Reformation (John Calvin and Martin Luther)
14. Different Churches. Why do we have so many denominations?
15. Apologetics
16. The Bible the foundation of Nations (Politics)

Module II 40$ Introduction of Applied Christian Thinking

(16 Units one day + small group 19.4-12.7)
1. Introduction Worldview
2. The influence of the Bible
3. Why do I know what I know? (Epistemology)
4. Manipulation of the Media
5. Different Religions and Worldviews
6. Biblical view of man and creation
7. Hope for the Future
8. History of Civilisation
9. The current culture
10. Business and the Bible
11. Politics and the Bible
12. International politics and the Bible
13. Science and the Bible
14. Evolution versus Creation
15. Farming God's Way
16. community development

Modul III 80$ Introduction Leadership

16 Units one day + small group 30.08-13.12.23)
1. The foundation of leadership
2. Great leaders have a growing plan
3. Different leadership styles
4. Great leaders know their calling and the purpose of life
5. Great leaders know how to communicate
6. Becoming a leader if you aren't one yet
7. Great leaders now how to train their thinking, attitude and behaviour
8. Great leaders know how to go through desert times
9. Great leaders learn from mistakes
10. Great leaders know how to help others grow
11. Great leaders work in teams
12. Great leaders know who to change the world
13. Great leaders know how to debrief and reflect on experiences
14. Invest in people?
15. How to leave a legacy?
16. Graduation and feedback

Possible further training

Level II for extended study, spoken and written English is required
Modul IV Farming in God’s Way Malawi, Blantyre (1 month school with outreach)
Modul V School of biblical Christian Worldview
Malawi, Agabu (3 Month full time 16.01-08.04.23) 450$
Modul VI Sustainable development school
Malawi, Agabu (3 Month full time 16.01-08.04.23) 450$
Modul VII Online Bible study SBS through the whole bible
Individual online 18 modules (to options for Kids or for adults)

Level III Youth with a Mission (associate in the University of the Nations up to bachelor)
Modul VIII Disciple Training School DTS Malawi, Blantyre
3 months lecture face and 2-month outreach, 450$ +outreach
Modul V School of biblical Christian Worldview
Malawi, Agabu (3 Month full time 16.01-08.04.23) 450$
Modul VI Sustainable development school
Malawi, Agabu (3 Month full time 16.01-08.04.23) 450$
Modul IX Basic leadership school Switzerland 3 month
Fist you have to be done a DTS 1600$
Modul X 2-years leadership program Switzerland



This curriculum can be adapted at any time to meet the needs of the students.