Why we do, what we do

We are part of a movement that aims to make Malawi a great, prosperous nation where liberated citizens are equipped to develop their families, businesses and all spheres of life.
We focus on articulating and communicating a sustainable, holistic, unified Christian narrative that places our actions in a larger, meaningful, transcendent context.
We inspire and support leaders to sustainably transform their sphere of influence.


We work in a relationship-based way. We meet each other transparently, holistically, respectfully, because we know that each one of us was created by God in a unique and equal way.
Servant leadership: we serve one another to set free and empower each other.
Humility: Despite all the education, knowledge and strength that we have, we are vulnerable, seducible and our memory remains fragmented. We act in the awareness that we continuously need Godʼs spirit, protection and grace.
We complement each other. In the diversity lies the power.
We network with each other, share our knowledge and skills and let others inspire and empower us.