Markus Gyger

Managing Director

I was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1961 on the 25th of September. I’m the first born out of 5, 3 boys and 2 girls.
To relax I hike in the mountains and sometimes read.

In my family no-one went to university, just apprenticeships and many were roofers. The Swiss education system requires that you do 9 years of school and 4 years apprenticeship.
In 1982 I finished apprenticeship in welding and got married. After that I went to Bible School and joined the military.
I had basic missionary training to prepare for serving in Chad with a carpenter, learned how to repair cars and lay bricks. I moved moved to Chad mainly to get away from the family roofing business but I also had a deep desire to invest in people and to learn from them.
My wife and I were in Chad for 3 years, had our first born son there. We helped build a hospital right after the war there - it was a community project. We lived in a mud hut with a grass roof. This is the place where my love for Africa was formed.

I moved back to Switzerland with the intention of learning to be a trainer to move back to Chad and help them learn how to build houses. This didn’t work out due to health reasons and having more kids so we stayed in Switzerland.

My dad was a co-founder of Vita Perspectiv (a company in Switzerland), of which I am still on the board . The slogan of the company is: “Bring the Kingdom of God into Business.” This is what attracted me into business.

In 1993, my dad and I founded our own business: “Gyger Metals”. In the early days it was a construction company working with metal, doors and windows. We really struggled.
We learnt that to have a good business one must have a good product not just good vision. We had good vision but no product.
My dad died in 1995. I started specialising in just stairs and that’s the main thing we do now. We currently employ 20 people and my son is the director of the company.

My passions now are worldview and business. How did this happen?
In 1999, I heard these two subjects mentioned in a presentation and it caught my attention. I went through a Christian Bible course for 2 years that helped me to develop the vision for worldview and business.

My vision for Malawi: It was always on our hearts (my wife and I) to invest in Africa. I wanted to bring the business school here but realised that wasn’t what I should do. I really just wanted to be involved, invested, be relational.

In 2014 Kings Real Estate was born.

I am married to Dorothea and have 4 grown up children.

Pyoka Tembo

Executing Director

Ivy Tembo


Ivy was born 31st of May 1975 In Blantyre.
She is the 5th in her family, with 4 boys and her being the only girl - the second born.
Ivy went to a government primary school, and later to a Catholic secondary school.
Her desire was to study medicine, but her dad wanted her to be an accountant like him.

Because she didn’t do well in the final exams, she was selected to do a secretarial course by the government. Her dad said no to this and sent her to do an accounting course. When her dad passed away just before the final exams, this affected her final exams. Her college understood and gave her another chance.
Because her dad was the breadwinner, she had to work to help support the family, she had to find a job to help support her siblings and to pay for school. She worked hard so as not to get a loan.
She got married in 1998 to Pyoka, still supporting her siblings.
Now, Ivy holds a B.A. in applied accounting, auditing and information systems from Malawi Accounting.
She has been with Kings Real Estate since 2014.
To relax, she reads, watches TV and enjoys craft.
She is mother to 3 kids, 17, 12 and 5 - 2 girls and a boy, all miracle children.

Motto: “I want to ensure the comfort of those around me before the my own comfort.”

Motivation: “I have lived a life for the Lord and have a lot of stories to share!”

Shephen Mbewe

Training Co-Ordinator

Shephen was born in Zimbabwe on the 26th April 1968. He is the youngest of 7 children from migrant parents from Mitundu, Malawi.
After high school, he excelled in primary school teaching and worked as a teacher for several years. Later he joined Youth With A mission, an organisation he is still involved with.
His biggest passion and gifting is in teaching the word of God and and challenging other Christians to be involved missions. He is most fulfilled when he gets to help others to discover their gifts and talents and releasing them into their destiny and applying biblical truth to the whole of their life.

He got involved King’s Real Estate after meeting Markus Gyger through a helicopter pilot friend at a fundraiser. Shephen got on well with Markus straight away.
Markus shared with him his vision for Kings Real Estate in Malawi and straightaway Shephen knew they both were passionate about the same things. He offered himself to Markus as a cultural interpreter as he understood both Malawian and European culture.
Shephen feels that it’s a special honour to come back to his fatherland and serve in the way he is serving now. He is a full-time member of the mission organisation Youth With A Mission.

Shephen has 3 daughters, aged 23, 21 and 19. They all have a passion for God and missions. One is serving with YWAM in Amsterdam, one is at Oxford University and the other is doing her DTS with YWAM in Australia.
He is married to Caitlin who is a physics and a classical music teacher.

Lauryn Zimba

Project Manager

Lauryn was born in Northern Malawi in Zimba , on the November 26th 1988. She is the 6th in her family and was raised by her mom when her parents divorced when she was 7.
Lauryn wanted to study social work but couldn’t and as a result she went to a couple of schools for accounting and is still finishing up. She would like to study social work one day.

Her hobbies are: cooking, dance and listening to music.

Lauryn did her DTS in Switzerland in 2017 and met the Tembo family there. They invited her to work with Kings Real Estate in October 2018.
She loves her job now because it’s challenging and different each day.

Lauryn’s motto in life is: “Step out of your comfort zone and never give up on your dreams, keep your faith!”

Anne Mukhumula



Umali Elias