Our vision is for all Africans to have a deep understanding of the Creator and possess the knowledge and skills to actively contribute to the advancement of His Kingdom. We aspire to foster a mindset in every aspect of society based on the bible.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide training, empowerment, and equipment to leaders, enabling them to guide Africans in discovering the Creator, comprehending the intricacies of His creation, and embracing the true purpose of life.

By equipping them with the necessary tools and skills, we aim to empower them to actively build up the Kingdom of God and catalyse transformation and healing throughout the nation.


We offer training to teach the principles of the bible and Christianity to all spheres of society. Develop, train, and equip a new generation of leaders who will spearhead positive change and progress in Africa. Empower leaders to initiate transformative actions that impact not only the church but also families, businesses, and the entire nation.

Foster change and transformation within the church, families, and society at large through the guidance and support of our trained leaders.

Certificate of the UofN and King's Institute for Transformation

For applied theology

Certificate after two modules with the opportunity to do an extra study in leadership


3 Modulus 16 weeks
• Modul I Overview of the bible
• Modul II Applied Christianity
• optional Modul III Leadership
One day a week in the plenum
• 60 min welcome prayer, reflections of the last time and information
• 2x45 min input
• 45 min questions in groups and reflections
One time in the week in a small group (5-10 people)
• 2 hours of discussion debating and reflecting the teaching,
• work on the assignments,
• pray for one another.
• Read and study the bible and the books together.

Trainings in Blantyre


Registration Fee:

Depending on the training venue.

School Fee:

Depending on the training venue.


Markus Reichenbach
WhatsApp: +41 76 604 99 72

Pastors for a new generation