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Online Forum with Bruno Loyiso

"Reforming Worcester, South Africa: A Strategy to Develop a Culture of Communal Productivity"
This was also the title of his thesis. Bruno has shared with us the most important discoveries he made while working out his thesis.
You can download and read the thesis here .
And here is a short (10 minute) introduction video to the topic.
If you were not able to attend the online forum, or you would like to watch or share Bruno's input again, you can find the video here.

bruno loyiso

Online Forum with Angel and Asante Masanche

Discovering your area of influence
Follow your passion!
Look at the past dealings
The voice of other people


Angel and Asante motivate in very practical ways, how you can discover your sphere of influence. They have encouraged us to start where our passion is. and the most important: start, no matter how small the beginnings! You will learn and grow. Influence what you can influence, that is especially you. Do not wait for circumstances to change. And do not despise the small beginnings.
angel and asante

My take away was this one!

Click on the image and you can hear the testimony directly in the video. Visit
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Online Forum with David McDonald


Drawing from his long experience as a businessman and teacher, David McDonald has given us a broad, valuable overview of key elements essential in Business God's way. The content would easily provide the material for a week's training, and a lifetime is not long enough to put everything into practice! Here are a few key statements:

  • Stay committed in the face of hard consequences
  • Accept and welcome the unknown
  • learn from mistakes. Leader journal their mistakes to learn from. Focus on them. "Sometimes you win, sometime you learn". (Maxwell)

These are only a view of highlights, there are many more in the presentation.

Make use of the presentation of the lecture: Doing Business God's Way by David McDonald

Watch the Video here.

david mcdonald