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Online Forum with Derek Kirbow


The importance of food security as a nation

Derek completed his Masters degree in International Relations and Comparative Politics and then his PhD in International Development where he majored in Food and Water Security and minored in Community Development. It was only a short time before he joined the Department of Science and Technology at the University of the Nations, a Christian University with more than 500 locations. Derek was tasked with oversight of the Appropriate Technology Village where he earned his certification in Permaculture so as to bring this training to Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Since that time he has worked in various departments in Science and Technology and currently serves as an Associate Dean with the focus on curriculum development.

In all of this Derek's teaching has taken him to Samoa, Malawi, Colombia, Switzerland, England, South Africa, and dozens of other nations as an instructor in agriculture, sustainability, and community development. He is currently writing a textbook on Korean Natural Farming, a book on Tropical Permaculture, a training manual for holistic development, and several journal articles on the scientific application of site design on the global food crisis as it pertains to missions.

Summary of the video

00:11 Working with food security in Malawi
The speaker has travelled to over 50 countries and has a passion for food security. He specifically focuses on food security in Malawi and leads the College of Science and Technology department of UofN, aiming to bring about community development through science and technology.

05:16 Ensuring access to nutritious and affordable food for everyone
Food security is not just about addressing hunger, but also about preventing birth defects in children due to maternal malnutrition. Issues such as famine, crop failure, and low prices for farmers' produce contribute to food insecurity

14:46 Food security is essential for better education, jobs, healthcare, and higher wages for the community.
Food security is not just about being hungry, it impacts education, job availability, healthcare, and wages. Food security is crucial for elevating the entire country and is the foundation for sustainability and resiliency.

19:19 Resiliency is the ability to survive no matter what happens.
It means being okay even in a drought or floods, or without income. Using science and technology to achieve food security and resiliency.

27:35 Involvement of women and children is crucial for success
Children need to be involved from a young age to understand and contribute to addressing challenges. Women play a vital role in teaching and raising children, and must be included for successful solutions.

31:19 Community development starts with individual families
The Bible teaches discipleship, living and working alongside others to support each family. Community development strengthens the entire community, leading to resilience.

39:10 Local food markets help keep money in the community, leading to wealthier communities.
Spending money at the local market keeps the money circulating within the community, making it wealthier. Spending money outside the community causes the local community to become poorer, as the money leaves the community.

43:05 Local markets need diversification of food crops for security and nutrition.
Diversifying crops in local markets ensures food security and reduces the risk of crop failure. Encouraging poly cropping and improving soil quality can lead to better nutrition and lower costs.

51:24 Punishment-based society vs. reward-based society
Punishment-based societies lead to people breaking the law if not being watched. Rewarding people for desired behaviours leads to better compliance and success

55:12 Food security is the most important thing for any country.
Having food security leads to other necessities like education and healthcare. We should focus on utilizing our own resources and skills to succeed, and seek help and collaborate with experts for more understanding and skills.

derek kirbow

Online Forum with Deon Labuschagne

"Self sustainable thinking for times ahead"
"My name is Deon Labuschagne, I am originally from South Africa but residing here in Malawi at the Mitongwe Woodland Reserve in Ncheu District. I am married to Sarah for 19 years and we have two daughters of 18 and 14 years old. I have a background in theology and as a trainer in permaculture, foundational farming and agroforestry. We run a 350 hectare piece of land that my family and I have transformed the last seven, going on eight years from an old relic estate to a peace of paradise. Mitongwe Woodland Reserve is now a training centre, where we're basically living out a model to bring glory to god. The whole view that we look upon is to everything within you is to help mankind to overcome its problems and why doing that bring glory to god and bring the gospel.
We currently have a staff between 70 and 120 people on a daily basis. We run cattle and sheep, we have agroforestry and foundation farming training on these premises, while we also do a church and early child development, we have all sorts of other ministries, sports ministries, the church being the centre of that.
We are passionate about teaching people, especially in agroforestry. People come from all over Africa, Europe and Americas, and we teach them in e diversity of food resources from permaculture to foundational farming to agroforestry to subtropic farming to savery to holistic land management. Then we continuously always improve our knowledge and increase our repertoire in order to help believers becoming self sustainable in this time, where we live in.
My family are passionate to help people that wants to help them self. Leaders to rise up into their calling. The way that we approach all of this is to see how to contextualise into each individual's context and then helping them to strive to improve that local context".

deon labuschagne

Online Forum with Markus Reichenbach

"Become an impacting leader who can drive meaningful change"
In addition to the video, you find the presentation here.
EXTRACT by Chifuniro Chikafumbwa
When we say become an impactful leader, we mean a leader who can drive meaningful change.
Know that a great leader has influence. Markus experienced that many people are just on the position of leadership, but there is a difference between a leader and apposition. As it was already said above that a leader has influence, and they bring positive change in the society. Many people want to change the world, but only few people know how to do it. If you want change, first change yourself, then you can change the world. Luke 22: 24-27 the one who is elder should be like child as it has already articulated that leadership is not position but serving people for the positive change.
Do not see yourself as the most important if you are a leader. Jesus is the good example of a leader as he was in the form of God, but he emptied himself as a servant and being born in the likeness of the man. He humbled himself to the point of death.
Principles of leadership says leadership is not about me; Phil 2:5-9. You are also supposed to have a learning attitude. We need to take responsibility instead of blaming others. Markus observed three types of leadership:
1. Those who do not know what they should do
2. Those who do what they have to do
3. Those who do a little bit more.
Keep in mind that leaders are born to bring change and they always take risks.

markus gyger

Online Forum with Markus Gyger

"Growing as a Team"
God is a team, man is created as a team, Jesus worked in a team. There is no better means of growth than working in a team!
In addition to the video, you find the slides here.

markus gyger

Online Forum with Bruno Loyiso

"Reforming Worcester, South Africa: A Strategy to Develop a Culture of Communal Productivity"
This was also the title of his thesis. Bruno has shared with us the most important discoveries he made while working out his thesis.
You can download and read the thesis here .
And here is a short (10 minute) introduction video to the topic.
If you were not able to attend the online forum, or you would like to watch or share Bruno's input again, you can find the video here.

bruno loyiso

Online Forum with Angel and Asante Masanche

Discovering your area of influence
Follow your passion!
Look at the past dealings
The voice of other people


Angel and Asante motivate in very practical ways, how you can discover your sphere of influence. They have encouraged us to start where our passion is. and the most important: start, no matter how small the beginnings! You will learn and grow. Influence what you can influence, that is especially you. Do not wait for circumstances to change. And do not despise the small beginnings.
angel and asante

My take away was this one!

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Online Forum with David McDonald


Drawing from his long experience as a businessman and teacher, David McDonald has given us a broad, valuable overview of key elements essential in Business God's way. The content would easily provide the material for a week's training, and a lifetime is not long enough to put everything into practice! Here are a few key statements:

  • Stay committed in the face of hard consequences
  • Accept and welcome the unknown
  • learn from mistakes. Leader journal their mistakes to learn from. Focus on them. "Sometimes you win, sometime you learn". (Maxwell)

These are only a view of highlights, there are many more in the presentation.

Make use of the presentation of the lecture: Doing Business God's Way by David McDonald

Watch the Video here.

david mcdonald