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Online Forum with Angel and Asante Masanche

Discovering your area of influence

  • Follow your passion!
  • Look at the past dealings
  • The voice of other people

Angel and Asante motivate in very practical ways, how you can discover your sphere of influence. They have encouraged us to start where our passion is. and the most important: start, no matter how small the beginnings! You will learn and grow. Influence what you can influence, that is especially you. Do not wait for circumstances to change. And do not despise the small beginnings.

angel and asante masanche

Online Forum with David McDonald

Drawing from his long experience as a businessman and teacher, David McDonald has given us a broad, valuable overview of key elements essential in Business God's way. The content would easily provide the material for a week's training, and a lifetime is not long enough to put everything into practice! Here are a few key statements:

  • Stay committed in the face of hard consequences
  • Accept and welcome the unknown
  • learn from mistakes. Leader journal their mistakes to learn from. Focus on them. "Sometimes you win, sometime you learn". (Maxwell)

These are only a view of highlights, there are many more in the presentation.

Make use of the presentation of the lecture: Doing Business God's Way by David McDonald

There is no video of this lecture.


Online Forum with Andreas Wieland

Self-help cooperatives as a means to transform nations: a look at the German roots of the cooperative movement.
Europe had a terrible hunger winter 1846/47. It was extremely cold and there were crop failures due to imported diseases. Many died, and even more emigrated to the USA. Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen was 30 years old at the time and mayor of the town of Weyerbusch with a population of about 3000. Raiffeisen brought the wealthy inhabitants together, formed a cooperative and started a bakery for the poor, starving population.
The banks in Germany charged over 20% interest from the poor population. Many businesses could not get loans, or they went bankrupt. That is why Raiffeisen founded a cooperative with 60 wealthy citizens. The members of the cooperative were jointly liable and could borrow larger amounts of money from other banks, which could then be lent to poor farmers and repaid in a long-term plan with annual repayment installments.
This was the beginning of a network of local cooperative banks, that still exists in many countries. The key elements for success we can learn from Raiffeisen:

  • Collective self-help, based and driven by local initiative
  • Self-responsibility generates motivation
  • Self-governance builds ownership

Listen to the lecture by Andreas Wieland.
Make use of the presentation of the lecture,
and of the list with further literature.


Online Forum with Tom Bloomer

Around 1520, a few well-educated people in Geneva invested their lives deliberate and intentional, to transform the society. The Reformation was not an accident, or a coincidence. It didn't just happen.
The misery at that time in Geneva was outrageous. It was a stinking city, poverty omnipresent. But the reformers were convinced that each and every citizen was created in the image of God, born to be a problem solver, to take charge of his or her own life, and to contribute to the development of the community. Education could no longer be the privilege of a small elite. They invested their lives in ordinary people, shaping their character and worldview, giving them education and perspective. Transforming them to problem solvers. But listen to Tom Bloomer himself in this video.



Online Forum with Garry Tissingh

Garry shared much of what he has learned about transformation over decades in Africa. A goldmine of wisdom! It is worth to watch the video again, and study the handout. It is very broad with a lot of interesting details. Let me highlight a few thoughts that resonated with me.
I see a new Africa, the poem. performed by the poet, Delanyo Adadevoh, and the song. by Peacey Nambi Kirabo.

We all know the saying, but Garry gave it a interestiing update:

Give a man a fish and he has food for the day -> (Relief)
Teach a man to fish and he has food for a lifetime -> (Development)
Empower a man to think about fishing in new ways and his life will be changed forever! -> (Transformation)

Garry has a lot more to share on his website. Please visit



Online Forum with Jürgen Gerber

In day-to-day business, we all experience frustrations, get taken advantage of, or even fall into survival mode. As a result, we are tempted to look for shortcuts and fight back with the same means. Jürgen has directed our gaze away from the often tedious day-to-day business to God's good business principles. When we learn to see business through God's eyes, we are empowered to bless our community through business. Jürgen gave a helpful overview. Watch the video again, and share it with friends. The handout is also available.
Suggestion: Go through the handout and ask yourself: in what area do I most need a change in my thinking? Transformation starts with you and me.



Online Forum with Decent Levson

Life is complex, and so are the causes for poverty. Decent showed us that there are spiritual, social, mental and physical causes that create poverty. The root cause of poverty is broken relationships. Watch what Decent shared with us, what helped him to leave the poverty mentality behind. We had difficulties with the transmission two or three times, please excuse the small interruptions. You can watch and share the video here.



Online Forum with Landa Cope

Landa has been a blessing for us. She encouraged us to really think about why we believe what we believe, and whether my values are the values of my culture, or really the values of God. It is worth listening to Landa again, or sharing her thoughts with others. You find the video on King's Youtube Cannel here.

If you want to learn more from Landa, you can read the book God the Bible and Political Justice online for free. The book "The Old Testament Template" is also highly recommended.



Online Forum with Benjamin Levi

Dr. Benjamin Levi Moses has taught us a lot about leadership. Using the story of David and Goliath, he impressively showed what makes a good leader. I'm sure each participant captured a different highlight, but from the feedback I received, I can certainly name these:
- Our identity in God is the foundation
- Your best protection: be accountable
For all those who could not be there, we have recorded the lecture. Feel free to share with your friends. video: "Transforming Leaders".



Online Forum with Katharina Ott

Katharina Ott from Bangladesh taught us about the economy and corruption. She started with the biblical commandment: "Thou shalt not steal". Thoroughly and analytically she showed how important the protection of private property is for a society.How important it is to make investing worthwhile for ordinary people. The wise implementation of these simple four words: "Thou shalt not steal" is an essential key for any society to generate sustainable wealth.

Missed Kattharina, or want to share with friends what Katharina taught us? No problem, here you can find the video: "Thou shalt not steal".

Katharina has made many, many teachings available online on her website. This is a treasure of enormous value, which is freely available to everyone! You can find an overview here. Much of what Katharina has shared with us is included in this lesson..



Online Forum with Vishal Mangalwhadi

Education is key for transformation
Reformation in Europe 500 years back broght the revelation of the priesthood of all believers. Until then, education was reserved for a small elite. Now, pastors started training every child, and the most important thing they taught the children was the truth. they learned what was true and what was good. and they learned to read, write and calculate. Generations of young people were set free, given the light of truth that enabled them to profoundly transform Europe. Vishal and his team want to invest everything in the next few years so that it is possible for all to be academically educated in the spirit of truth.