Transformation Trip April 2023

Kings Institute for transformation organised a project aimed at bringing revival through mindset change in Malawi in the month of April. The project involved a preaching tour which involved a team from Switzerland, Malawi and Rwanda. The project also allowed students from the SBCW to use what they learned in their school which just ended the same month.

The first part of the tour happened in Lilongwe where a seminar for the youth was organised at Capital City Baptist Church. The word of God was shared and hope was restored among the youth. The second place was a visit at Dzaleka, where the team from Switzerland together with the SBCW team shared the word of God at the YWAM base.

The first training at CCBC in Lilongwe

Dzaleka YWAM Base

Ntcheu was the second venue for the trip and a lot of impact was made through the teachings of the King's members whose main message was helping Christians create a positive impact in their society by using biblical principles. These principles can be used in managing their families, churches and the community in general. Agabu is one of the villages in Ntcheu and there was a total of pastors who gathered to hear the message of hope. Pyoka shared a life changing testimony about how his life found meaning when he stopped dwelling on the past hurt of how he was birthed, and started focussing on how he can bless others.

Pastors training in Agabu

Jacqueline, Markus and Decent were some of the teachers who took part in training the pastors. where a training for pastors was organised. The training brought together pastors from Agabu and surrounding areas. Pyoka taught through a personal testimony along with Decent and Jacqueline.

Pastors training in Agabu

The second major event in Ntcheu was the visit to Mitongwe farm. The farm uses environmentally friendly methods of cultivation. It was amazing to see how they are taking care of the environment and also bringing community impact through evangelism and education.

Beautiful Agroforestry in Mitongwe Farm

The climax of the trip was the graduation of pastors which happened in Blantyre, where 64 students who studied Applied Theology. There were two groups that graduated, one from Lutchenza and another from Blantyre. The teams studied for 16 and 32 weeks respectively.

Time for graduation!