Early Harvest

Here is a quote from the article, "Russia’s helping hand comes with just one tiny catch" by Golden Matoga, published in the current edition of "The Continent":
"Peter Chapola’s maize crop in Malawi’s  central district is almost ready for harvest. But his family is hungry and has already started eating the green corn – either roasting or boiling it. It will still be weeks before they can dry the corn to make maize flour, the staple food in Malawi. The season just before harvest is called the lean season for a reason."

The Continent

And here's the encouraging, empowering story of how the boys from Brothers in Arms managed to take the scare out of the lean season. Neither Russia nor the government helped them, they took their lives into their own hands.

The boys at the center Brothers in Arms, Blantyre started making their compost manure early enough to prepare for the growing season.

They planted when everyone was waiting for rains to start. They irrigated their maize for a few days and the rains started.

Now they have harvested their maize last week and the whole surrounding villagers are amazed. Not only because of the early harvest, but also with the quality of the maize produced without fertilizer. The secret of their success is in preparation and doing things on time. I have shared to them using this example that with proper planning and timely executing of things, they can stand out in the community with outstanding results. This reminds me of Genesis 26 whereby Isaac planted during famine time and harvested a hundred-fold. Sometimes we just need to rise up and begin to do things different.

Applied knowledge has led to a good harvest; one month ahead of the usual harvest! It resolves a serious problem, that Africans experience every single year for generations across the continent!