BUSINESS - build to lift others

“We build and run high-quality business parks, and we train, enable and connect entrepreneurs”

We plan to include young entrepreneurs in the construction process, in order to give them a platform to become practically involved in the day to day business of King’s Arcade. Furthermore, we will allow several of them to truly kick-start their business and to begin acquiring the well-grounded skill-set that is so much needed.
As KRE, we want to offer complete business parks that do not only provide a stable and high quality environment with office space, workshops and warehouses, but we also aim to invest in entrepreneurs active in the construction sector, to enable them to grow their technical skill set, as well as their human capital by facilitating an exchange with highly skilled Swiss companies to intervene as training instructors on a regular basis. This way we aim to build and host a skill set that allows us to offer holistic construction solutions for interested customers.