What can we change?

Leader Conference 27. and 28. of April 2023 in Blantyre

Who we are

We are part of a movement that aims to make Malawi a great, prosperous nation where liberated citizens are equipped to develop their families, businesses and all spheres of life.
We focus on articulating and communicating a sustainable, holistic, unified Christian narrative that places our actions in a larger, meaningful, transcendent context.
We inspire and support leaders to sustainably transform their sphere of influence.

What is the conference about?

There are various challenges that must be addressed in order to achieve the goal. To help tackle these challenges, we provide inspiring inputs, facilitate group work and discussions, and foster collaboration among participants. We believe that each participant should play an active role in the process, rather than merely acting as a passive listener.
The conference will focus on this tree aspects.
• What needs to change:
• What needs to be done:
• How we can support:
By working together with local and international partners, we can create an environment that is conducive to positive change and help to improve the lives of people in Malawi.



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