Ideas have consequences - we become what we believe

You are a team leader, business owner or head of a department. You know, the success of your organisation depends heavily on you and your team. But how can you help your people to grow in integrity, communication skills and vision? Are you aware of how often unconscious ideas get in our way? We invite you to discuss such questions with yourself and your team.


- The impact of worldview: unconcious beliefs
- A biblical view of work: God as the first worker and team player
- How can we solve conflicts?

Practicals and Application

The classroom is one thing, but the reality check comes in everyday life. That's why we offer every team a 3-hour session from Monday to Wednesday to put what they have learned into practice at home. Together we identify problem areas, formulate solutions and measurable goals. So that the learned gets hands and feet. Invest this time to make the most of the seminar.

Date: Saturday 09. February 2019
Time: 09.00 to 16.00
Venue: Capital City Babtist Church Lilongwe, Area 14, next to Malawi Red Cross

Fee for the seminar is MWK 10.000 per participant
Registration fee is MWK 1.000 non refundable
Registration closes on 4th February at 17:00

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