We have a two prong approach

1. Business and Training - Work and Word

We do business and earn money
We train tradesmen and entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential (How to formulate the best?) The artisans have a focus, but we also want to train and educate the rich class of politicians and entrepreneurs on how they can use their position of influence to bring lasting change and tackle poverty in their communities.
It is of utmost importance to us that we live what we are talking about. We want to bring together word and deed in a lasting way. Our success is measured by how well we and our students can implement and develop what they have learned.
We want to build learning teams, and enable others to build learning teams.
Following the dual vocational education system in Switzerland, with an emphasis on holism, we include cultural and social challenges. We enable people, by making them aware of the cultural and social challenges, see the ideal of the biblical world outlook (the kingdom of God) and enable them to formulate and realize constructive, releasing processes of change.

2. Rich and Poor

The social gradient in Malawi is huge. Sustainable development is only possible if the trenches between the social classes are overcome.
We challenge the rich and the poor to recognize each other as equivalent creatures (respect).
In training programs where they learn together, they discover that the same strongholds are blocking the way to release and quality of life.
We give the wealthy, the well-to-do, a foundation that they can invest willingly and effectively in the poor to bring lasting change.
To the poor we give a philosophical foundation, that they dare to think beyond their experience and limitations.